The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education conducts nationwide examinations every year claiming an “Extremely Fair” and an unbiased environment. As someone who took the recently held first-year exams, my experience suggests otherwise.

Sitting for my exam at BISE’s Main Exam Centre at Lawrence Road Lahore, even with a camera installed in my hall, I have seen some greased palms helping students cheat through the exam. The invigilator for my row felt no shame in assisting the group of students to my right and my back. Talking to them as his fellows he allowed them to talk and get help from ones around them while others weren’t allowed to move their necks. Watching me fill up my answer sheets, the invigilator came to me and bluntly asked me to share my answers with that group of students. After being ignored for the first and second time, he did not hesitate and thrice asked me to share my answers.

This is what I saw happen at BISE’s Main Examination Centre in Lahore and I could only imagine what would be the situation in the many hundreds or thousands of examination centers around the city or even around the country. I highly doubt if the situation is any more different than this.

This country’s about to enter its 75th year and It saddens me that the state has yet to provide the basic right to a fair education. How miserably has the state failed to cater to this fundamental right of its students?

How could the state institutions turn a blind eye to one of the most important problems we students are facing? How would you expect leaders from this youth that could get through an examination for a few thousand rupees which originally requires months of constant studying and practice?

I don’t think I am the only one who had to go through this and thousands of students before me have been through all of this.

I truly believe the BISE administration is not unaware of this and I would like to know how would they react to this “Judicious”, “Unbiased”, “Transparent” and “Extremely Fair” assessment environment of theirs.