ISLAMABAD    -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chair­man Imran Khan on Tuesday chided the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by saying that the electoral body must have seen the truth about “foreign funding” during a telethon organized by his party for fundrais­ing for flood victims in which Rs5 bil­lion were pledged by donors includ­ing overseas Pakistanis.

Khan was referring to the recent ruling of the ECP in which it declared that the PTI received prohibited fund­ing from 351 foreign companies and 34 foreign nationals. “Now the Elec­tion Commission must have seen the truth about foreign funding in the telethon,” he said, adding that a drama was played there on the foreign fund­ing case of PTI. Addressing a seminar organized by PTI on the state of the country’s economy, the former prime minister said it was necessary to bring political stability to strengthen the economic situation. He also urged the need to work on an emergency basis to improve the country’s ailing economy. “At this time, our economy is facing major challenges.”

The PTI chief lamented that there had never been long-term planning to lift the country’s economy or to conserve water or protect the envi­ronment. He underlined that the next government would have to take tough decisions in the given circumstances. Taking a jibe at the ruling coalition, the ex-prime minister said that the “imported government” had brought a tsunami of inflation in the country and it was least bothered for the welfare of the common man. “There is a need to take tough decisions to improve the bad state of a country’s economy.”

Khan said that if PTI seized power again, they would come up with some ‘out of the box’ solution to run Paki­stan’s economy. The PTI chairman said they have decided to form an eco­nomic team to assess how to deal with the economy. “So, we would know the challenges and solutions beforehand.” He said that he would meet his eco­nomic team regularly. He alleged that the coalition government in the center has devastated the economy and put the country on backtrack. He claimed that his govt also faced the worst eco­nomic situation in the beginning but things improved when some friendly countries of Pakistan extended help. He also said that a conspiracy was hatched against his govt from the be­ginning. “We were blackmailed po­litically,” he said. He further said that the opposition was threatened with accountability. Then rumours were spread every day that the days of the Imran Khan’s government were numbered, he added. He said that the country would not make progress as long as its exports would not increase. The second biggest asset of Pakistan is overseas Pakistanis, he also said. The former premier reiterated the need for an ‘out of the box’ solution for pro­tecting the poor, especially in the af­termath of floods. He said that in any economy, the first decision is taken on how to improve the lives of the human beings and their living standards.