MARDAN    -    District Mayor Himayatullah Mayar on Monday said that the recent floods have caused large-scale dam­age to the neighbouring districts of Nowshera and Charsadda.

Expressing his views while addressing a meeting organized for the rehabilitation of flood victims in the Mardan City Council Committee Room, the may­or said that the services of the people of Mardan in collecting funds for the flood victims, supplying food, medicines and providing other daily commodities are commendable for the rehabilitation of the flood vic­tims. The provincial government along with the dis­trict governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals have helped a lot, he added.

Tehsil Rustam, Chairman Mubarak Ahmed, Teh­sil Katling Chairman, Hammadullah, Tehsil Takhtb­hai chairman Hafiz Saeed, RMO Zeeshan Yousaf, Nis­ar Khan TMO Mardan, Chief Officer TMA Mardan, TMO Takhtbhai, Zulfiqar TMO Katlang and other con­cerned officials attended the meeting.

Mayor Himayat Mayar said that in the adjacent dis­tricts of Mardan we have to take systematic steps to provide rehabilitation and relief. He added that staff from the entire TMOs of the Mardan district will be sent to these districts. He added that steps will be taken to pull out drain water from houses, restore roads and highways, clean them and shift residents to their houses.

He said that Mr Ismail Chief Officer TMA Mardan will be the focal person for this operation who will issue instructions to all TMAs after getting approval from Mayor Mardan.

Mr Mayar also demanded from doctors and par­amedics including pharmaceutical companies that there has been devastation due to flood in the whole province and they should play their role in this re­gard. He demanded that the rehabilitation work should be started immediately.

Later, there will be risks of the spread of diseas­es in these districts, for which timely arrangements are necessary so that no more problems arise due to contaminated water. He argued that timely measures have to be taken for the psychological rehabilitation of the people of these districts.

It was also decided in the meeting that awareness campaigns will be started and the progress of the re­habilitation program will be given to the Mayor dai­ly. He added that these services will also be extend­ed to other districts along with the rehabilitation work in the neighbouring districts of Nowshera and Charsadda. It was unanimously decided that all the TMOs of Mardan in the adjacent districts of Now­shera and Charsadda will start cleanliness work and will also participate in other relief works.