LAHORE  - Under the leadership of Punjab Local Government Minister Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid, a public protest was held in Dubai Chowk Allama Iqbal Town against the enhanced electricity bills on Thursday.

A large number of people including PTI workers participated in the rally.

While addressing the rally participants and the media, Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid said that the cruel increase in electricity bills had broken the backbone of the poor.  He said that the ‘imported’ government, which had come with the slogan of ending inflation, had created a storm of inflation instead. He said:”The poor with a single fan and bulb are also getting a bill of Rs. 14 to 15, 000. The poor women have come out on the streets against the imported government who are  put hard to know how to burn the stove, so we demand that the imported government should withdraw the huge increase in electricity bills and resign immediately.”

The minister said that ‘thieves and robbers’ had been imposed on the nation under a conspiracy, in response to which Imran Khan had become the pivot of people’s hopes. He said that only Imran Khan could overcome all crises in Pakistan. Only Imran Khan can remove the corrupt government under whose leadership our struggle is going on”, he added.

Meanwhile, the participants of the rally raised harsh slogans in support of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and against the federal government.