Pakistan contributing over 4000 troops to various ongoing UN peacekeeping missions: Caretaker FM

Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbass Jilani says Pakistan has a longstanding commitment to the UN peacekeeping.

Speaking at the UN Peacekeeping Preparatory Meeting in Islamabad today, he said Pakistan being a leading troop contributor, has a significant stake in its success. 

He said our participation in the UN peacekeeping spanning over six decades is a tangible manifestation of our contribution to the maintenance of peace and security in line with the UN charter.

Jalil Abbass Jilani said Pakistan is proudly contributing over four thousand troops to various ongoing peacekeeping missions. He said we must also turn our attention to the realm of peace building. He emphasized for establishment of an institute for peace building saying it could serve as a Center for Excellence for providing specialized training, research and expertise in the complex field of peace building.

The Foreign Minister underscored the need to guarantee a safe and secure environment for the UN peacekeepers who tirelessly, safeguard peace around the globe.

He said it is crucial that capacity building takes center stage in order to ensure that peacekeepers are prepared for complex challenges confronting them. He said legal framework and adequate accountability mechanisms are paramount for the safety of peacekeepers. We should stand firm in holding accountable the perpetrators, individuals and groups that harm or threaten the UN peacekeepers.

The Foreign Minister said medical care for the peace keepers is also essential, stressing they deserve the best care including mental health support, standardized training,  first aid provisions and enhanced medical facilities.

Jalil Abbass Jilani whilst highlighting the significance of UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan, said it holds a distinctive place in peacekeeping history as one of the earliest initiatives to monitor and investigate ceasefire violations in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

He pointed out that the UNMOGIP personnel encounter unprecedented adversities due to noncooperation of one party. He stressed that we must proactively address the safety and security gaps as identified in the recent report on UNMOGIP by the UN office of international oversight services.