SLA holds debate on Sindhi Language, threats, proposals

HYDERABAD - Sindhi Language Authority in its continued series of online sessions organized a debate under title ,Sindhi Language threats and proposals, here on Wednesday. Eminent Sindhi Scholar, writer and ResearcherTaj Joyo, Dr, Muhammad Ali Maanjhi and Khalid Azad expressed their views while M.phil Scholar Nausheen Ujjan hosted online debate proceedings. Writer Taj Joyo Shared his views about ensuring official usage of Sindhi Language and said that Sindhi Language has a peculiarity to cater the needs of official Language to every extent. He said that Sindhi Language has adopted and accepted so many terminologies of official English usage as there was no harm in accepting words and terminologies of other Languages. Writer Dr. Muhammad Ali Manjhi said that Sindhi Language had remained an official language in different ages of history of Sindhi Language and existed in the present Alphabet after passing through various situations. He presented a brief review about the official usage of Sindhi Language from Indus civilization to the British era. Young writer and Researcher Khalid Azaad stressed upon the Importance of correspondence in Sindhi language in offices, change in different subjects and translation of terminologies.

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