Shezan exports products to more than 40 countries

Shezan International Limited is a prominent member of Pakistan's close net FMCG sector. The company was incorporated in 1964 as a joint venture between Alliance Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) of the United States and Shahnawaz Group of Pakistan. However, AIDC sold all of its shares to the current majority owners Shahnawaz Group in 1971 and the Company became a publicly traded entity.

Although the Company is famous for its mango juices, but is a major producer and exporter of pickles, jams and ketchup, the firm has been relentlessly expanding both into local and in international markets ever since. To better serve its customers the company has been slowly expanding itself. To make sure it won't face any supply issues in exports back in 1980-81, Shezan has established a separate unit in Karachi, which now caters for Karachi, Sindh and export demand.

Shezan has a juice factory in Hatter, Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa and a bottle filling plant in Lahore, which has increased its productivity significantly. Shezan also owns and operate an independent Tetra Brik plant. The firm's head office is located in Lahore and has distribution offices in United Kingdom and Canada. The company exports its food products to more than 40 different countries, including UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, etc.

Shezan as a Brand:

Shezan is one of the major players in FMCG sector. Especially in Juice, Shezan’s solemn promise to nourish with the world class fruit juices goes far beyond the packaging. Shezan is renowned for its purity as Shezan has its own processing unit where they are using local fruits with high quality products. That’s why people preferred Shezan Juices.

Shezan is also famous with its Pickle. Pickles can go with every meal. Traditionally pickles were painstakingly made at home by the grandmas, but when Shezan took the responsibility of producing homespun preserves the revered old ladies took a sign of relief. The quality, purity and the proportion of natural ingredients, fresh fruits / vegetables in Shezan’s pickles are just unbeatable. Shezan is using local fruits and vegetable with the amazing quality.

Shezan Tomato Ketchup is one of the biggest name in the local and international markets. 80 percent of the tomato which are used in the manufacturing of Tomato ketchup is collected by the local farms and processed by Shezan itself with its traditional purity guarantied promise.

Shezan is playing a very important role in Pakistan economy as we can see that in Agriculture sector Shezan is one of the biggest name who use local ingredients to produce the high quality products.

Shezanis also exporting their products to almost every corner in the world.

Mr. Waseem Mahmood (Director Marketing) said that the Shezan is not compromised on its quality, so people can have healthy and pure processed foods on their tables.



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