'US responsible for Israeli attacks on Gaza'

ISLAMABAD - Dr Nazir Hussein Professor Defence and Strategic Studies in Qauid-e-Azam University Islamabad Friday said that the US was responsible for the human violations during the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza. He said that Israeli operation was part of that conspiracy plan, which was planned back in 2005, to exile the Palestinians from their homeland. Mumbai attacks was highlighted as 9/11 of India where only two hundreds lives were at stake while thousands of innocent were brutally killed in Gaza but no one was there to term the event holocaust or 9/11, he regretted. He expressed these views while addressing a selected gathering at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on "Gaza Aggression; Human Cost, Objectives and Implications." Dr Hussein further said, "Gaza is one of the most densely populated regions in the world with about 1.5million people confined in an area of 360 square kilometers" and nature of Israeli attacks which have been launched after every twenty minutes on an average using "even the white phosphorous" makes it clear that intention of Israeli military and political leadership was "to kill Palestinians at a larger scale and force the rest to migrate from the area". He noted that state of Israel came into existence through war, survived through war and expanded through war. Israel was the only country in the world that had undemocratic boundaries and had proclaimed objectives of further expansion, he observed. He argued that it therefore was "not the last war". To put forth the objectives underlying Gaza aggression Dr. Hussein drew the attention to the earlier events in the recent past which had regretfully divided Palestine into two; "it was all designed" he said. He deplored that the worst implication of this cruel operation is that it had eliminated all chances of peaceful coexistence in the Middle East and new generations would be "far more radicalized than their predecessors". Director General of IPS Khalid Rahman said that twenty two days long attacks of Israeli forces have not only left about fifteen hundred civilians dead, above five thousand injured and thousands homeless but it has also left behind number of complex questions about the "status of international humanitarian law, role of international community and especially of Muslim world and future of humanity on earth." "Considering the disparity and asymmetry of Israel and Hamas, should it really be called a war and then a cease-fire?" he wondered. He suggested a deeper and objective analysis of various agendas being pursued in the context of recent events. Rahman deplored on "the shutting down of the Egyptian border over Gazans to receive humanitarian assistance" during the conflict. Former ambassador Tariq Fatimi discussed the history of formation and legality of state of Israel in detail and maintained that "legality of very existence of the state of Israel remains dubious" according to the standards of international legal order. He wondered that United Nations was being deliberately kept away from any developments in the Middle East. He criticised that the US itself had taken the role of "prosecutor, adjudicator and jury" in the conflict.

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