The former banned discretionary fund was once again permitted in January 2015, Through which Every MNA was bestowed RS.20 Million for the development of their respective constituencies. 2o Million is a huge amount for particular constituency for its enough development. This amount could change the destiny of the people if they are used in proper. But if I see my Constituency in Kingri Tehsil –The residence of Pir Pagara, I find nothing developed. Neither the hospitals, nor Schools are given proper heed. The MNA of NA 217 has not yet visited any single visit to our constituency after getting huge number of votes. Very poor but talented students are also not given stipends for their higher education as most of the students belong to poor and farmer family background but Thanks to MNA Dr. Nafisa Shah, who being literate and poor supporting politician little or more helps the students. The severe substandard condition of busy roads and markets are witness of carelessness of MNA. This is general condition of whole of the Sindh and other provinces. Prime minister structured the standing committee which could look and keep an eye over these approved funds but Standing committee it self seems no more in action. It is high need for the authorities concerned that they must heed this serious issue to halt immense corruption by Elected members of national Assembly.


Islamabad, December 11.