Misuse of media power

Present age is considered as the age of media as it is the biggest watchdog on public and government actions. Along with these powers comes a great responsibility.
A friend once told me on the condition of anonymity that once a big media house visited their kitchen for the bakery, where the sweets were getting ready to be dispatched to the shop. They saw there were many flies and ants. The team did not put any fine or ban on them. Instead, they began to blackmail them by saying, “Either you pay us 10000 rupees or else we will defame you.”
It is usually said that media is more powerful than nuclear devices. So it should play its role responsibly rather than misusing its power. That could give them money for sometime but in longer run is an effort to make damages in the state.
Karachi, December 11.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt