In early March to welcome the arrival of spring the Basant (kite flying) festival is held in most cities of the Punjab , with a little more highlight in Lahore . Terraces and rooftops are often used for kite flying competition. It begins at the early morning and continues till the evening. Friends, neighbours and relatives start battling for victory and the air is filled with all colours, providing a very relaxing view to eyes. 

But for some people Basant is not only confined to kite flying. I have some very vivid memories of Basant, whenever I think of them they make me laugh and also remind me of what an idiot I was. 

We all have listened the song of Fariha prevaiz “Ye dil hua Bo ka ta”, but I have witnessed it. For some silent lovers it provides them an access to their loved ones to convey their messages through kites. It was hilarious watching kites adorned with the contact details of that person, and confession of love. 

Since 2007, Basant has been banned because it poses threats to lives, through the string, falling from the rooftops and creates problems for bike and bicycle riders. After the ban, the only source of income of many people has been lost. In 2017 faiz mela was held in Alhamra in which they took this issue of banning Basant and directed a play in which they talked about the loss of a family whose only business was making strings, and kites but due to ban all of that was wrecked. 

Though it is a valid point to debate on but still I don’t advocate the continuation of Basant because lives are more important and they should be considered so.But A minute of silence to empathize with all the single PATANGBAAZ who will now remain single till the ban being removed. 


Rahim Yar Khan, January 30.