TAUNSA -  Pakistan People’s Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday questioned deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif's claim of being victimised.

Speaking to the media in Taunsa, Zardari asked how the PML-N leader can claim to be a victim while enjoying official security protocol.

“With six cars ahead, six cars behind his (Nawaz) vehicle, how can he claim himself to be a victim? We were the ones who were victimised and taken in armoured vehicles,” Zardari said. “How can he be a victim when he has his government today”?

The Pakistan People’s Party leader also claimed that his party will be able to form a government in Punjab.

“Panama issue originated from outside, it wasn’t started by former Ehtasab Commission Chairman Saifur Rehman," said Zardari while taking a jibe at the incumbent government.

Zardari also said that he hoped the general elections would be held on time.

Referring to Pakistan's eastern neighbour, the former president said that there was a big difference between the India of Nehru and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's India. “I can’t find secularism in Modi’s India,” he added.