islamabad - The National Technology Council, a newly-established accreditation council, has started registration of graduate and professional engineering technologists.

The NTC has been established by Higher Education Commission to monitor and accredit diversified technologies’ degree programmes at bachelors’ level, a statement said on Tuesday.

The NTC announced that it would maintain National Register of Technologists (NRT) and registration would be carried for graduate technologists holding 4-year technology degree from HEC-recognised higher-education institutions and technology programmes consisting of 130-140 credit hours with 16 years of academic learning through FSc Pre-Engineering or equivalent, ICS or DAE.

The registration will only be open to engineering technology degree programmes which come under the scope of the NTC. The registration against nominal fee would be opened to categories including graduate engineering technologists and professional engineering technologists, the statement said.

The graduates holding BSc Engineering Technology, B.Tech, B.Tech (Hons), BS Technology, BE Technology and BSc Technology degrees will be registered on production of photocopy of the HEC-attested degree and transcript.

However, the cut-off date for their registration will be December 31, 2021, after which only the graduates passing through NTC-accredited programmes will be eligible for registration by NTC, the statement said.

For registration as a professional engineering technologist, the candidate will require 5 years of experience in the relevant technology discipline and will produce photocopy of the HEC-attested degree and transcript along with experience certificates.

Foreign degree holders will also be required to produce HEC equivalence certificates. Under this process, a registration number will be allocated to each eligible technologist and registration certificate will also be issued, the statement concluded.