This is reference your editorial on this sensitive issue that has angered every citizen of this country whose patience has run out, having lost trust in police or district administration. It is response of DPO and DCO Kasur and MNA and MPA of this area which is cause of concern. The spokesman of Punjab Government has accepted that only two CCTV were installed to monitor locality where over 12 heinous crimes of rape and murder of minor girls occurred in recent past. Compare this to number of CCTV cameras installed outside residence and offices of DCO and DPO Kasur. This points to serious flaws in training, recruitment and psychiatric evaluation of officers and the mindset which makes them immune to sensitivities of crimes committed and security of citizens whose taxes pay their salaries.

The first instance of “Child Pornography” and sexual harassment of minors started in 2006 and it continued unabatedly till uproar in 2014. The DPO was so insensitive that he asked a relative of this grief stricken family to reward policeman who found mutilated body of Zainab in a garbage dump, as if this was not part of their duty. Such officers like DCO, DPO, SHO and Investigating Officers posted in Kasur have no business to hold such offices and must be sacked. Other police officers already in service must be screened and subjected to psychiatric evaluation to ascertain their suitability to perform role of servants of people, dedicated to serve and protect their lives, honor and property instead of treating them like slaves. If Provincial Government fails to do so, more Zainabs of Pakistan will meet this gruesome fate. The Government must fear wrath of Almighty Allah.


Lahore, January 15.