KASUR-Semi-literate quacks, ignorant of medical sciences and modern sterilization methods are running clinics and maternity homes across Kasur district, particularly in rural areas.

According to a survey report conducted by this correspondent, these self-proclaimed unlicensed physicians are playing havoc with the lives and health of the poor and innocent people in the guise of 'doctors'.

Opening a clinic in Kasur city has become a common practice as the number of illegal medical clinics and maternity homes is on the rise here. These quacks are becoming more popular among the illiterate masses and their business is growing with each passing day. They are fleecing the poor people. All this is happening due to criminal negligence of the health authorities.

Officials of the Health Department are inactive as usual and are least bothered to take action against the illegal clinics. The health officials have allegedly shares in monthly income of these quacks and this is why they have turned a blind eye to the grave situation.

Social and political figures appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take stern action against these quacks who "what they alleged, are performing child deliveries at their clinics without safety measures.


Eleven months have passed but the police are still clueless about the dacoits who had fired indiscriminate shots on Kasur Press Club (KPC) president Haji Sharif Mehr during a robbery.

The police failure has raised serious concerns among people and notables belonging to all walks of life, especially the mediamen. They flayed the police for being least bothered to arrest the culprits.

Talking to The Nation, KPC chairman Ajmal Shad questioned police performance. He said that the police failure to arrest dacoits has created a sense of insecurity among journalists.

KPC finance secretary Mehr Ashiq urged the police to make all-out efforts for arrest of the culprits. He stressed the need for considering mediamen 's concerns.

Emra vice president Imran Faizi termed the attack on the KPC president an attack on the journalist community.

Mediamen urged the police higher-ups to take effective steps for arrest of the robbers. They also demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif take notice of the police failure.


Passengers are being overcharged while travelling in vans and buses carrying people to their destinations inside and outside the city. Locals including Baba Rahmat Ali, 73, said that bus conductors overcharge the passengers. They added that there is same fare for travel from Kasur to Kahna and Kasur to Lahore City. They regretted that there is seen no one who could stop transport mafia from fleecing passengers. They demanded the authorities concerned take notice of the transporters' highhandedness.