Let’s talk about something which is considered taboo inside Pakistani society.

Inside typical Pakistani mentality, anything regarding sex is automatically considered immoral in our minds. We seem to forget that  it is an integral part of an average human being’s life.

But what should be our source of guidance for such a sensitive topic?

When puberty hits teenagers of both genders, they don’t know what is going on with their bodies. Gradually, they start developing sexual urges. With no-one to guide them, they mostly fall victim to bad company and ‘it’s on the internet – it must be true’. They start different experimentations with their bodies. The results are often devastating in nature, both physically and psychologically.

That’s where your role as a parent comes to reality. This is your child. Do you want to make him/her suffer through the consequences of wrong decisions?

We understand that due to generation gap, your parents did not tell you about sexual education. But that generation gap is not present in this generation. We know that you both use smartphones, play “Candy Crush” together and talk about science and logic.

Also, nearly all children secretly watch porn in their teenage. This is pretty normal, considering the child has some questions and an element of curiosity inside him. Watching sex on a screen doesn’t give him all the answers. When he (or she) is curious, he’s/she’s bound to try experiments. When experiments are tried at such a young age, unthinkable damage is done to your child. You might wonder about the definition of “unthinkable” but think of it for a moment. An older person (could be anyone, teacher, driver, uncle, caretaker, qari sahab) or even someone from his/her own class, tricking him/her into sexual abuse. Your child won’t know what’s good and what’s bad. To him/her, it would be his first experience but forever, his personality would be damaged.

Grooming of a child starts from his home first, but if it fails to provide proper awareness the child is bound to fall into wrong hands. We understand that times are hard and that it is difficult to talk to your child about such a sensitive topic, but hey! It’s not impossible. You can also consult your spouse and together watch educational YouTube videos and consult the internet about how to sex educate your children. Even if your spouse is unwilling, do make him clear about the dangers of modern society – an age where porn and sexual gratification can be achieved through a tap of smartphone.

Majority of Pakistani families are religious so you also have to take care of religious moral values and it is human nature that everything is best understandable when we are convinced of logic. When the child reaches a certain age, try to create awareness about do’s and don’ts through science and logics. Think of your child as a future flower of the national garden. If you don’t care about it, the flower is bound to wilt away. Don’t let this happen to your child.