LAHORE - The 4th meeting of special committee of experts constituted by the Supreme Court under Justice (r) Sayed Zahid Hussain was held here on Tuesday to oversee implementation of the order to protect herititage durwork on Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project. The meeting was attended by the members of the committee as well as representatives of LDA, Nespak and archaeology department. The chairman reviewed the progress of the work so far made and inquired about the measures adopted by the executing agency for the safety and stability of the antiquities and special premises. The members of the committee visited Lakshmi Building.  Instrument for measuring vibration had been installed in the said building which was duly checked and the vibration was found within the allowable limit. Thereafter members of the Committee visited Chuburji building. Conservation work was in progress. The instrument for the measurement of noise & vibration installed in the said building was checked and found within the permissible limits.

It was explained that pilling work had already been completed and as such there was no vibration at site.

Lastly the members of the Committee visited tomb of Zaibun Nisa. Vibration and noise was found within allowable limits. The Chairman directed representatives of the LDA and NESPAK to maximize efforts for the safety and stability of the monuments.