MULTAN-The entire society including teachers, students, media, education officials and elected representatives would have to discharge their national obligations for lifting literacy rate.

Punjab Secretary Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education Dr Asmat Tahira said while addressing a training workshop here on Tuesday.

The workshop was organised by literacy and non-formal basic education department here. She disclosed that proposals regarding increase in salaries of literacy teachers, offering internships to the students graduated from literacy schools and inclusion of NGOs in monitoring process are under consideration. "The motive behind all these efforts is to lift literacy rate," she added.

She said that the students were also being offered skill training besides education at literacy schools. She added that the skill-based training was imparted to the students for economic development of the society. She said that getting education was a basic right of every individual and it was the responsibility of the Punjab Government to offer basic education to all citizens. She added that the provincial government utilised all out resources under a comprehensive strategy to promote literacy in the society. She anticipated that the Punjab Government would succeed in achieving its goals regarding literacy rate by creating awareness among masses, seeking proposals from the experts and implementing effective strategies.

Speaking on this occasion, Director Public Relations Chaudhry Tahir Mahmood said that literacy was need of the hour. He added that illiterate people did not enjoy any status in the society. He urged upon the media to support government in promoting literacy. He was of the opinion that entire nation had to strive to promote education as country's progress and prosperity was subject to high literacy rate.