KARACHI - Pak-Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chief Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that Sindh chief minister is not transferring resources to local govt as Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) wants to hijack the resources after destroying the national institutes. Addressing a sit-in protest at Fawara Chowk, he said that they had come out for the betterment of people, the youth of the Karachi had a great role to play for the prosperity of the country. He added that his party did not accept the controversial Sindh Local Government Law. Kamal added that after the 18th Amendment of the Constitution, the country was being run on its own. The provincial government have become dictators after this amendment while the 56 per cent of the money which is given by federal government to the province is not being granted to the local governments, he added. The PSP chief said that the CM Sindh considers the money awarded by NFC his own asset. Sindh received 27 per cent out of 56 per cent. The Chief Minister of Sindh gets Rs 1000 billion every year. He earns Rs 200 billion through taxes. He further added that Rs 1200 billion is the annual revenue of Sindh government. The Chief Minister is spending these 1200 billion alone. He is not transferring resources to the local governments. Mustafa went on ot say that PSP does not only want the power but the resources of the institutions. After the 18th amendment, the PPP has kept the Sindh’s money to itself. We led a sit protest of 18 days on facing the similar issues in 2017. The 16 points were presented regarding the same issue, today whole of the Sindh is saying the same thing which we mentioned 6 years back.


He said that we led mass demonstration in 2013 against the law and faced the law of 2021. We do not accept either of them.