Asif Zardari vows to bring revolution after coming to power

Emphasises PPP’s commitment to address national issues

ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) supre­mo Asif Ali Zardari yesterday vowed to bring a revolution after coming to power. At a public rally in Kahuta near here, Zardari, a former president, as­sured the public that despite the mul­tifaceted challenges faced by Paki­stan, the PPP possesses the expertise to navigate these difficulties and lead the country towards prosperity.

He emphasised the party’s unwav­ering commitment to addressing national issues and bringing about positive change. “We will transform Pakistan once again, aligning with the people’s desires,” he contended, outlining key initiatives for the re­gion. One notable pledge is the es­tablishment of a state-of-the-art hos­pital to provide top-notch healthcare facilities, underscoring the party’s commitment to the well-being of the nation. Environmental concerns were also in focus, with Zardari promising to address deforestation by providing gas facilities. This move aligns with the party’s dedication to sustainability, a critical aspect in the contemporary political landscape. As Pakistan gears up for the general elections on February 8, the politi­cal arena is witnessing heightened activity. Various political parties, including the PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), are actively engaging with the electorate.

Zardari, alongside Bilawal Bhutto Zaradri and Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, is at the forefront of the PPP’s election campaign, connecting with the public and sharing the party’s vision for a brighter future. Expressing gratitude for the public support, the former president affirmed his dedication to rebuilding Pakistan according to the wishes of the people. Zardari provid­ed further insights into the ongoing election campaign. He highlighted that the PPP’s election strategy is gaining traction, attracting voters from political opponents due to its welfare-focused manifesto. He point­ed to Bilawal’s vigorous campaign in Punjab, expressing confidence in surprising results in the province. The PPP leader stressed the impor­tance of constructive criticism dur­ing election campaigns, advocating for a discourse that focuses on dis­cussions rather than blaming rivals.

Zardari shared his views on vari­ous political matters, addressing the performance of key political figures and the challenges facing the nation. Describing Bilawal as a reflection of PPP’s ideology, Zardari expressed confidence that the party will achieve favourable results in the general elec­tions without relying on independent candidates. He said the PPP’s com­prehensive approach, ranging from healthcare to environmental sus­tainability, reflects a nuanced under­standing of the nation’s challenges, offering voters a substantive choice in the upcoming elections.

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