Teachers protest against proposed reduction in salaries

rawalpindi -  Fauji Foundation Schools and Colleges teachers on Monday staged a protest against the administration for proposed slashing of salaries.

 More than 100 female and male teachers gathered on Tipu Road in front of main offices of Fauji Foundation and staged a peaceful protest demonstration. However, the teachers did not close the road but recorded their protest in a civilized manner.   The participants, mostly female teachers, were carrying placards inscribed with their demands and chanting slogans “Give respect to teachers” and “We will not accept draconian laws”.   Speaking on the occasion, speakers urged the administration to withdraw the proposal to slash the salaries of the teachers otherwise the protest would continue in all schools.

 The teachers said that in 90 schools, the Fauji Foundation administration planned to revised the contract of the teachers while reducing the salaries from Rs50,000 to Rs15,000 per month.

 “Some teachers are getting more than Rs50,000 but the new policy will reduce the monthly salary without any reason. It will be difficult for them to run the kitchens,” said a senior teacher not wished to be named.   He said that some other changes in the rules and regulations disturbed the teachers and they would not pay attention to their work in such an environment.