PESHAWAR - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman Saturday vowed to fight against Imran Khan, saying that the PTI chairman was ‘imposed’ on people of this country under a foreign agenda. Addressing a news conference in Mufti Mahmood Secretariat, he said, “We are fully prepared to fight Imran khan who is a threat to our culture and Pashtun tradition.”

Maulana further said that popularity could not be achieved by launching misleading campaigns on social media, adding that the only way to win the confidence of people was to respect their wishes. “We fully respect judiciary as a vital national institution. In fact, we are bound to respect judiciary due to its role and position.” He said, “Our forefathers fought wars for this country and we will not accept usurpation of any kind.” JUI-F chief said his party would continue its struggle for protecting the rights of people and foil the foreign agenda of PTI. “If the institutions form cases against us, we will respond strongly against them,” said Fazl, claiming that “the institutions are standing with the PTI”.  He said that Imran Khan was deceiving people by propagating the notion of conspiracy against political opponents. “In reality, it was he [Imran Khan] who was imposed on our country through a conspiracy.” Maulana, who is also the president of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), further said all the efforts to dent the reputation of all the political parties in the PDM would be opposed strongly. “Our coalition is meant to save the country from the enemies who are machinating with foreign funding.” “We would work to save the identity and sovereignty of the country and energies would be utilised to achieve stability and other objectives. We have majority in local government while rules are being formulated by our opponent to stop the funds of local government.”

| JUI-F chief claims US Consulate paid rent of Imran’s house for 9 years

Institutions are standing with PTI, alleges Fazl

On the occasion, former MPA Fakhre Azam Wazir reposed confidence in Maulana Fazlur Rehman and announced joining JUI-F with relatives and friends. The PDM chief said that the coalition government will not get bullied by anyone. “All the allied parties will contest together in the by-elections,” he added. Talking about the alleged foreign conspiracy, the PDM chief denied it and said that “Imran Khan was brought in by an international force.”

“A US consulate has been paying the rent of Imran Khan’s house for nine years and money was taken by India and Israel in the foreign funding case,” he alleged.