LAHORE - Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Attaullah Tarar said on Saturday  that PML-Q and PTI had rigged election of Speaker Punjab Assembly as secrecy and sanctity of the vote was violated during the voting process.

Talking to the media, he demanded the Lahore High Court to declare the election of PA speaker void, alleging that law and the constitution was violated.

Attaullah Tarar said the election of speaker had to be held through secret ballot as per the law but unfortunately, it was not followed. It was disclosed during the voting that ballot papers were issued with same serial numbers printed on ballot papers and counterfoil to identify the voter which was violation

of rules, he said.

He said the PML-N had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court in this regard and demanded that the court being the custodian of the constitution and human rights, should declare the election null and void.

He criticized the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership for electing Ch Pervaiz

Elahi as their chief minister.

He said the PML-N would remain committed for across the board accountability.

On the occasion, Rana Mashhood said that rigging was committed first time

in the parliamentary history by violating rules openly and demanded that entire

elections process should be declared as illegal.