Finnish company develops bizarre 18-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle

FINLAND-18Wheels Inc., an aptly-named company in Finland, has developed a strange-looking electric 18-wheel all-terrain vehicle that it claims is vastly superior to the common ATV. The millipede-inspired design of the 18Wheels Inc. all-terrain vehicle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Basically, it consists of a snowmobile-like body and a set of 18 small wheels each with its own individual suspension system. One of the core ideas of the project was to make this unusual-looking vehicle soil friendly, so the wheels are specifically small so that they don’t damage the soil by leaving huge tire marks on it. The unique suspension system provides a special trajectory of movement and a much smoother ride over all types of rough terrain, which can’t really be said about traditional ATVs.  “Our all-terrain vehicle is able to overcome large obstacles at high speed. I mean rocks up to 35 centimeters (14 inches) high, fallen trees, kerbs and even stairs,” 18Wheels founder Eldar Aliev said.  “Our all-terrain vehicle can drive over stairs. I dare say no other vehicle on this planet can do that.” The Finnish company showcased a prototype of its unique 18-wheel ATV last year, but the video only went viral this week. In it, we can see the bizarre vehicle gliding over a variety of surfaces, from soil to rocks, and bypassing several obstacles. Although the prototype doesn’t have the most refined design, Aliev claims that 18Wheels has been working on a commercially-viable version that will be unveiled in October of this year. Apart from being more gentle on the soil it is driven on, the 18-wheel all-terrain vehicle will apparently also be extremely comfortable to pilot. Because the size of the wheels is greatly reduced compared to conventional ATVs, the less energy it will receive when it hits an obstacle, so the less of an impact will be felt by the driver. Aliev claims that the impact when hitting an obstacle is 10 times lower than a traditional heavier vehicle.