Negative propaganda against PTI making it more popular: Asad Qaiser

Calls for free and fair general elections

SWABI  -  PTI leader Asad Qaiser has claimed that one-sided and negative propaganda against his party is making it more popular. In a video message, Qaiser called for an end to what he called ongoing ‘propaganda’ against his party. He also urged the ‘powerful elements’ to ensure the upcoming general elections free and fair.

Qaiser, unlike other party leaders, did not part ways with PTI in the aftermath of the May 9 violence, said, “The onesided propaganda underway against the party and PTI chief at this time, what do those in power and the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) group think? Do they think they can eliminate the PTI through such propaganda? He said they (rulers) were in misconception and more negative propaganda would make the PTI more popular. Qaiser also lambasted present ruling coalition government for their performance and questioned what they had done to arrest the sky-high inflation and improve governance during their tenure.

“Show us one sector in which we can say the PDM has shown [good] performance. These 14 months were the worst disaster that is why I want to say to the powerful sectors to ensure fair and free elections within constitutional provisions to save it from any harm.” He claimed the PTI was being deprived of its constitutional right to freedom of expression and political activity within the law. He stressed the rule of law was important if the country’s rulers wanted it to progress. Qaiser said whether the alleged ploy to keep the party out of the upcoming elections would bring stability to the country. The PTI leader said only the nation would decide whether to bring the PTI chairman back to power or someone else.

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