Sutlej embankment breach floods Chishtian settlements, Arifwala

BAHAWALNAGAR/RAJANPUR/GB  -  A breach in a temporary protective embankment on the River Sutlej in Dullah Akko area of Chishtian tehsil in Bahawalnagar district caused flooding of nearby settlements.

The extra ordinary flow of water caused the breach, which disrupted the road network leading to several settlements. Floodwater entered the low-lying neighbourhoods, causing difficulties for the native residents.

Rescue teams have been deployed to the area to evacuate stranded people and provide relief. The authorities have also warned people living in low-lying areas to remain vigilant as the water levels are expected to rise further.

The breach is the latest in a series of flooding incidents in the country.

In addition to the breach in the Dullah Akko embankment, the River Sutlej also overflowed at Kund Qabil in Arifwala district. The overflowing water collided with the Norath protective embankment, weakening and cracking it. This has raised fears that the embankment could collapse, submerging Qasba Chok Marlay and other areas. The residents of the affected areas have expressed concern that the Norath embankment is not being adequately reinforced, despite their repeated appeals to the district administration. They have emphasized the need to strengthen the embankment expeditiously.

The full extent of the damage caused by the flooding is still not known. However, it is clear that the incidents have caused widespread disruption and hardship for the people of Bahawalnagar and Arifwala districts. Although water levels have dropped in River Sutlej and River Chenab, same is not the situation in River Indus which has wreaked havoc in Sindh following torrential monsoon rains coupled with water released by India into rivers on Sunday

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