Perilous nonchalance

I have nothing but praise for your editorial," Perilous nonchalance" published in your esteemed paper on 27th of the current month. You are righteous in our profound concern over the construction of a nine-storey-structure which is a part of extension of US Embassy's building in Islamabad. The said construction will be a wanton destruction of our national self-esteem and dignity. Our rulers already can not raise their heads against the US and now our buildings too cannot be raised as high as the US Embassy's building in Islamabad. I wonder according to which law the CDA has given a valentine to Americans to erect their building as high as they wish as no building can have more than three storeys in the capital metropolis. Your apprehensions are certainly correct that the military and diplomatic staff which is presently serving in Afghanistan would be moved to this nine-storey building when the US vacates the war torn Afghanistan. I have a salutary advice for my present rulers in this respect. Why should not all the offices of all the important ministries of Pakistan be also shifted to this building along with the offices of the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan? Ironically speaking it will be a giant step ahead to prove that US and Pakistan are inextricably linked.
Wah Cantt, March 29.

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