Saving the sea

Being the industrial hub of the country, Karachi is facing the menace of environmental pollution. For instance it is a matter of grave concern that sewerage water of the city is being discharged into sea through 16 outlets. Unfortunately, the city government has never made a serious effort to make arrangements for its treatment. It is estimated that 100 acres of land at Mai Kolachi is required for establishing a Wetland Park to treat 60 MGD of sewerage coming into the area through various outlets. This is called S-III project. This will cost 8 billion rupees in which Karachi Port Trust would have 33 percent share. It is very sad that no work has yet been started. Meanwhile, pollution in the sea is increasing. We can easily see the fast changing color of the sea water from blue to black. It has been reported that this project would not only treat the sewerage but also save the mangroves, provide a recreational and educational park, generate power through production of methane gas and provide irrigation water for the adjoining parks and residential areas. In addition to the efforts of the government, we should also be acting like responsible and educated citizens just to minimise the pollution that is damaging our coastal belt.
Karachi, March 29.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt