Threats and challenges

Commander US CENTCOM General James Mattis and ISAF Commander in Afghanistan General John Allen held discussions with military and political leadership to improve border coordination. The top US military commander’s visits were followed by Gilani-Obama meetings on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul. The US top military commanders were planning to visit Pakistan but their visits were not being scheduled as Pakistan was reluctant to accord them a welcome. Now it’s evident that the government is determined to open Nato supply route at any cost.

Only a few days earlier, US military review has held Pakistan Army responsible for US attack on Salala check posts on November 26, 2012. Therefore, it seems the US military has decided to take no action against any of its soldiers involved in a US–led Nato air strike that martyred 24 soldiers of Pakistan. American maintains that US forces acted in self-defense. It only signals that the USA would continue with such attacks in future also. Pakistan, following US attack on the check-posts, suspended Nato supply to Afghanistan and sought apology from Mr Obama. Reportedly, Nato supply was not suspended but continued by air. USA has suffered a great military defeat in Afghanistan and CIA is now intent upon confrontation with Pakistan to meet its ends. Worse still, Pakistan’s response to the US threats is always shameful. Pakistan is a nuclear state but seems to be vassal state of America. CIA and Blackwaters’ agents enjoy special status and move freely in Pakistan. More than two hundred houses of American in Islamabad give rise to many queries.

It must be noted that as far as Raymond Davis, Abbottabad incident, Mehran Base attack, and Salalah check post attacks are concerned, the political leadership has not voiced nation’s concerns. Apart from the ruling party, all the political parties avoid confrontation with America. The parliamentary committee on national security has made recommendations and the parliament is reviewing terms of engagement with America. Unfortunately, the parliament has demonstrated the rubberstamp role in the past as it is only a small number of people who are running affairs of the government. Despite the resolution against drone attacks, USA is continuing with strikes and Pakistan is facing consequences of its leaders’ sham policies. We are facing the danger of direct war against Pakistan. Consequently, America has now started its covert war in Balochistan. Our political leadership toeing US policies must read the writing on the wall.

Resumption of Nato supply route to Afghanistan would cost the nation much. It’s time that we countered Indian and American threats and cement ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is the only hope of Muslim Ummah that has the potential and resolve to check American designs in the Muslim world.


Multan, March 30.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt