Prevailing insanity

PM and his ministers, without thinking and consulting saner voices, announced blind support for Saudi Arabia against Yemen. Even a grade 5 student knows that this is interference in other states. Nawaz Sharif acted like an emperor; he has to pay back for personal favours. MP and his cronies gave no second thought to the fact that their announcement would contribute to the insecurity and instability of the very state of Pakistan.
The raison d’être that Saudi is friend in need, must countered that Saudi support has always had a price tag. Saudi was one of the main factors in prodding Pakistan into Afghan quagmire. After pressure from PPP, PTI and cry from media the government has realised its madness, now they say they did not pledge military support, but even if military support is not extended the irrecoverable damage has already been done.
Johi, March 28.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt