KARACHI - A warm welcome was accorded here on Friday to Aafia Release Caravan participants who marched on foot from Hyderabad to Karachi, led by human rights activist Vero Kolhi.

Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui along with civil society members welcomed them at the Sohrab Goth.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Fowzia said: “We salute the bravery of Vero Kolhi and her team that they marched on foot from Hyderabad on this very hot weather.”

She said in fact the whole nation wants early release of the daughter of the nation, but our rulers are not ready to listen to the aspirations of their people.

It may be noted that two days back Pasban workers and civil society leaders had began their walk on foot from Hyderabad to Karachi.

They were led by noted human rights activist Vero Kolhi, recipient of the presidential award for her work against bonded labor in Pakistan.

Vero Kolhi, despite intense heat and her health problems walked on foot to Karachi along with other participants of the march including  Pasban Hyderabad president Arshad Arain, Dr Sham Lal, Adi Haleema, Adi Kanwal, Adi Shahnaz, Manzoor Khan, Anwer Sheikh, Amir Qaimkhani, Hameed, Ramzan Brohi, Ramsan, Bhora and other activists.

The health of Vero Kolhi deteriorated during the march and she was rushed to Hospital. However, after getting first-aid, Vero refused to be admitted and rejoined the foot march.

Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has also warmly welcomed the participant of the march.