ISLAMABAD - The social media sensation Lubna Faryad aka Amma praised MUA Natasha Ali Lakhani on her generosity and politeness. Lubna Faryad has slowly yet surely made a name for herself. Delving into details about the plethora of current on-air dramas, Lubna reviews the drama’s content alongside her son Momin Ali Munshi on the famous show “Amma TV Aur Main”. Known as one of the best influencers and reviewers on social media, she often gives words to viewers opinions. In the latest episode of “Amma TV Aur Main”, Lubna admired the granddaughter of the late singer Noor Jehan, Natasha Ali Lakhani, for her respectfulness.

On which Natasha also showed affection for Amma. Natasha took to her Instagram, shared the clip of Amma’s show and wrote “Woke up to this sweetest message that Amma, Lubna Faryad, was kind enough to give to me on her show. I started re watching a lot of Pakistani dramas because of her show and I love her candour and her ability to make one laugh at her perspective on all things.”

She went on to express love for Amma “Love you Amma, Lubna Faryad always keep giving your blessings and I shall always keep you and your family in my prayers and now hoping we get to meet soon in person and I know it shall be heaps of fun.” She concluded the note by expressing her desire to meet Amma.