Another horrendous experience has come to the screen. The incumbent government has embroiled plebs into manifold crises of the utmost severity. Among such miseries, inflation tops the list and therefore is palpable. It has been extremely hard for the general masses to purchase foodstuff for one time, as the prizes of daily commodities are ascending rapidly. Moreover, petroleum prices are increasing at a constant pace which is adding salt to the wounds of common people.

Reportedly, the government has decided to increase the petroleum prices by 12 rupees: crossing and transgressing previous prices. Undoubtedly, such pathetic and terrible efforts of the government to overload the shoulders of citizens is inciting the ire of the poor sector of the country to trigger chaos and disorder in the society. Moreover, if the government continues to throw the bomb of inflation on people, it would be an extremely Herculean task for it to control other sorts of vices and evils. On a serious note, rising inflation can breed various other crimes like robbery, street crimes and so on. Therefore, the government should formulate such strategies which can exterminate and abate the abysmal and macabre circumstances of people.

They should be given subsidies to live their lives easily without any burden of inflation. The Prime Minister should look after the misery-stricken people of the country to shield, safeguard and abate the financial turmoils and ordeals of destitute people.