Businessmen call for powering industry with green energy

ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan can tackle energy shortages and environmental pollution by promoting green energy. “All industrial units, large or small, need to shift to green energy to make them more sustainable and produc­tive,” said Zulfiqar Ahmed, head of the media and communication wing of Rawal­pindi Chamber of Commerce and Indus­try (RCCI). He said, “RCCI has installed an on-grid solar system with a capacity of 60 kilowatts. This solar system is battery-less and 100% self-sufficient.”

Besides, he said the chamber had in­stalled rainwater harvesting and recharge systems on its premises. He said all the air conditioners in the RCCI building were so­lar-powered and contained environment-friendly gas called R-410A refrigerant, which was the least damaging to the envi­ronment and human health, and didn’t de­plete the ozone. “Argon/nitrogen mixture-free surface mount LED (SMD lights) have been installed in RCCI to provide a perfect working environment and ensure lower lu­men depreciation. To save energy and cut heavy electricity bills, traditional switches have been replaced with automatic light sensor switches, which get switched on automatically when needed.” Talking to WealthPK, he said RCCI had ISO-14001 and ISO-2015 standards certifications for promoting green initiatives, making it the first-ever green chamber. “As the cities grow and demand for energy increases, the need for renewable clean and green en­ergy supply has become crucial. Shifting to renewable energy modes is not a big shot for large industrialists, but the support of the government is necessary for small and medium enterprises to power their opera­tions through green energy,” Ahmed said.

Talking to WealthPK, chief executive of­ficer of Islamabad-based MIA Corporation (Pvt) Limited, Usman Ashraf, pointed out besides the known impacts of carbon emis­sions on the environment, refrigerants com­monly used in air conditioners and refrig­erators were silently adding to greenhouse gases. He called for both households and industries to instal environment-friendly gadgets due to their positive impact on the economy and ecology. “These types of in­stallations using green technologies have become important to combat global warm­ing.” He said his company had long been in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-con­ditioning) business. He said the company used the most ecologically responsible al­ternatives having no ozone depletion in as­sembling/engineering the HVAC units. “By promoting eco-friendly trends in the econ­omy, a new market can be set up for job and work opportunities.” He said this new mar­ket had vast scope to attract investment, promote exports and resilience to climate change. “Embracing sustainability by us­ing environment-friendly technologies will also bring socioeconomic benefits, includ­ing good health and a secure future for the coming generations.”

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