Getz rejects dissemination of false news about its product

LAHORE  -  Getz Pharma has issueed this statement in response to the re­cent dissemination of false infor­mation about its product Risek IV 40 mg injection on electronic and social media. These malicious at­tempts aim to undermine the brand reputation of our product. 

On February 12, 2024, the Fed­eral Inspector of Drugs-IV, while conducting market surveillance in Moro, Sindh, identified coun­terfeit Risek 40mg IV injections at the premises of M/s Qalanari Medicos on Hospital Road, Moro, Nowsheroferoz. Samples were sent for testing, including confir­mation by Getz Pharma. We con­firmed the sample as counterfeit, not manufactured by us, and pro­vided a comparative analysis re­port to authorities, urging action.

Getz Pharma condemns the misreporting by the electronic media of the alert issued by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) as if our manufactured product was deemed spurious or counterfeit, requiring recall. These reports completely disre­gard our stance of disowning of the counterfeit sample provided in the same alert. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to take legal action against false reporting.

Getz Pharma manufactures safe and efficacious medicines in its WHO, PIC/s, and EAEU prequalified manufacturing facility. Stakeholders, includ­ing doctors, patients, chemists, and customers, should beware of misinformation and rely on credible sources. Genuine Risek 40mg IV injection is available nationwide through our autho­rized distributor network and can be purchased from licensed medical stores.

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