KARACHI - At least 500 ex-employees of National Development Finance Corporation (NDFC) are seeking job adjustment in National Bank of Pakistan, requesting the present government to consider the hardships being faced by them due to an unwise decision of the previous regime. According to the details, obtained by The Nation on Friday, a total of 500 ex-staffers of NDFC are still jobless and looking at NBP to accommodate them properly as per "NDFC Employees Severance Compensation Scheme" announced in 2001. Details further showed that the corporation was operationally banned in August 2001 by the then finance minister Shaukat Aziz causing loss to exchequer and at the time of closure of NDFC, the total staff strength was 600. It is surprising to note that at the moment when that move taken place there were so many public organization which were making similar losses a few of which were KESC, WAPDA, PIA and Railway PIA and at the time of closure of NDFC, the total staff strength was 600. It is evident that out of those 600 employees at least 100 have got jobs in NBP, using their influence with then ministers and some with Prime minister, with the same package and grade as they were having in NDFC. A part from this they also received severance package and have invested the same in profit bearing schemes. From this even a simple person can visualize that the employees who got back their jobs in NBP are earning both from NBP and by amount invested on schemes. It is pertinent to mention here that during this whole process there was nothing considered about future of employees of NDFC. The affectees of the corporation told The Nation that in the beginning it was proposed that all the employees of NDFC will be absorbed in National Bank of Pakistan as was done in the case of Mehran Bank Limited on the instruction of Federal Government to save them from unemployment. But except around 100 employees of the NDFC, the rest could not be accommodated because they did not have political influence and approach. Initially there were less than twenty taken by NBP on the six month non-renewable contract on the pretext of handing over NDFC work to NBP employees and this figure has raised up to 100 and still working. The affectees have appealed to PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to look into injustice done with them on humanitarian basis with sympathy. In 2001 in terms of the Moratorium Order passed by the Federal Government under Section 47 of the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962 and the subsequent decision to amalgamate NDFC with NBP, a Severance Scheme for the employees of the NDFC was introduced which laid off 600 employees. The NDFC was formed by the first elected PM Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1973 for the industrial and economic development of Pakistan and it played the role it was designed for.