Pakistan after 9 years has got a democratically elected government. Question is does this government have the capability to safe guard the democratic process? Will all the parties work together in the larger interest of the country for the poor people? So far the nation has not seen any change in the attitude of these parties. They have the same propensity to grab power. Do they not feel any shame in repeating the same dismal performance that they had shown while they came in power the last time? During the governorship of Khalid Maqbool, the Chief Minister Punjab refused to consider him the Governor Punjab even though he had taken his oath from him. Now the same Chief Minister and his cabinet have boycotted the oath taking ceremony of the new Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer. Is there any sanctity left for the official protocol in this country? On the other hand, there is the speech by Salman Taseer as the new Governor Punjab. Why don't they talk about the welfare of country rather than projecting their party? -MAJ (Retd) ANWAR PASHA, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, May 17.