LAHORE - The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is all set to prepare a master plan to beautify Lahore Canal to secure nature conservation interests and ensure social and recreational activities. Under the plan, green belts alongside canal will be improved by planning trees and flowers in abundance. To gravitate the attention of public, a number of picnic spots would be set up. Sitting arrangements, big umbrellas and kiosks would also be established. Stalls and makeshift shops would be installed The PHA will conduct a comprehensive survey to devise theoretical and practical dynamics of the plan. After Punjab government approve it, the plan would be put into force. On a preliminary stage, PHA has identified area from FC Underpass to Punjab University along the canal. PHA has contacted renowned horticulturalist Mustafa Kamal to seek his suggestion to make the plan successful. When contacted PHA Director General Irfan Elahi replied, "We feel proud to initiate canal beautification plan which has never been taken up by any government in Punjab." He said that under the project, authority will ensure to improve the green belts for enhancement of landscapes, near to where people live. He said that the plan would also create people-friendly atmosphere. He said that green belts would bring greater health, social, recreational and quality life rewards. He said a number of government departments will be taken on board in making of the master plan. Private partnership will be welcomed, he added. It may be recalled that caretaker Chief Minister Justice (r) Ejaz Nisar had ordered to beatify the canal by planting maximum trees and flowers on both sides of the canal while presiding over a high level meeting at the Chief Minister's Secretariat regarding the beautification of the Canal and tree plantation in the provincial metropolis. He had also ordered a complete survey of the canal for repairing broken portions of its banks. The experts say that canal beautification plan could never meet the success unless people, majority of them half naked, were stopped to bathe in canal. Moreover, canal is producing stinking smell due to mixing of polluted water from sewerage pipes at different points. A survey conducted by the Environment Protection Department (EPD) Punjab identified 15 colonies and factories as the major polluters of the canal. A report submitted to the government high-ups said the wastewater of Sozo Water Park, Taj Bagh, New Canal Park, Sultan Town, Hanif Park, Sageer House, Rehmanpura Town, Tulspura, Muslimabad, Malik Park, Punjpir, Nabipura, Maskeen Pura, irrigation and workshop was discharging into the canal.