KARACHI - Divisional Superintendent (DS) Pakistan Railway Karachi Division, Moinuddin, has vowed that good image of the department would be restored at all costs. He said that approximately Rs 30 million would be increased in the revenue during next year through goods train and coach services. The newly appointed DS was talking to The Nation on Friday at his office. He mentioned that increasing revenue of the department would be the top priority of his policies as he sent a proposal to the Lahore head office according to which maximum coaches would be connected with those trains in which the highest numbers of passengers use to travel. He said that majority of the passengers prefer to travel with Night Coach and Kurakaram Express, and if extra coaches would be attached with them more passengers would be facilitated through this service thereby increasing revenue. He added that the trains which take less number of passengers and their coaches remain empty the bogies of the train would be decreased. The DS said that he also interested in increasing the number of goods trains from Karachi Division as it is also an important source of revenue generation. Commenting on the damages done to the railway during riots following the assassination of PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto, Moin said that most of the trains have been restored after while the remaining ones would be repaired very soon. He pointed out that 30 locomotives and 130 coaches were set on fire during the riots. Around 20 locomotives have been repaired and they have resumed services while the remaining ones, which were completely damaged, and coaches were under process in Islamabad and Lahore. He expressed hope that suspended trains including, Millat Express, Sir Syed Express, Faisalabad Express and Mehran Express along with local trains would be operational very soon. He also said that repair work of the damaged locomotives and coaches is in underway in Islamabad and Lahore.