LAHORE - Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri on Friday said that she and her party saluted those who raised voice against construction of Kalabagh Dam, as it was not suitable for the country. While addressing a news conference at the Lahore Press Club, she said "We strongly oppose the construction of Kalabagh Dam as within last 50-60 years the dams which were formed not only failed as project rather they disturbed the population of the suburb." She, however, advocated the Thar Coal Project and said that it was a golden project as developed countries were switching over to the sources of energy to create electricity. She was of the view that those opposing this project were traitors. She said that in past the NFC award was not distributed in accordance with the population of the provinces that resulted in the disintegration of the country. She said that during the former government Shaukat Aziz as Minister Finance failed to deliver NFC award and despite the fact blessed with the office of Prime Minister. She claimed that the PPP government would deal the issue of NFC award in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan. Shazia said that unfortunately it was observed in the past that the rulers blessed everyone who violated constitution. She pledged that the PPP was taking keen interest to solve the problems of the people. She said that security of Pakistan and media freedom was their priority and they would never compromise over it and she also asked media to be more responsible.