This is the age of education; no country can be ranked as developed without achieving a cent percent literacy rate. No doubt education plays a central role in the economic development and progress of a country. Pakistan is a developing country and the education is very important to make it a developed state. In 1960s, the South Asia and South East Asia were at the same level of development with the difference of literacy rate. In South Asia, literacy rate ranged between 9-15 % while it was around 70% in South East Asia. In 1980s the South East Asian states, due to their high number of educated human capital, surged well ahead of South Asia in development. Pakistan can still be ranked a disappointment in education sector compared to the rest of South Asia. The net primary enrolment rate is 60% in Pakistan, 75% in Bangladesh, 77% in India and close to 100% in Sri Lanka. Due to the intervention of politics in administrative and management affairs of the education system, any schemes, projects, programs like NCHD initiated for the education uplift are dead weight on the national exchequer. The political interference in education system has caused mismanagement of human sources and physical infrastructure which is the root cause for the deteriorating condition of education. Depoliticization of education system is a pre-requisite for revival and sustained development of education. -SHAIKH ABDUL RASHEED, Shikarpur, via e-mail, May 17.