ISLAMABAD - With remarkable set design, musical and magical stage play "Mary Poppins" enthralled the audience of the Capital here Thursday night. Director of the play Faheem Azam has handpicked the actors of the play and most of them are renowned personalities of the theater scene in Islamabad. The marvelous performance of the seasoned actors added colour to the play. After presenting excellent productions like Disney Discoverer Kids Carnival and Can You Rock, an event management company of Channel 7 Communications, has come up with another colorful stag play "Mary Poppins". Marry Poppins started as series of books written by P L Travers and later was transferred to a Walt Disney mega hit movie "Mary Poppins" in 1964.This huge success paved its way to reach London theatre in 2005 which got nomination for 9 Oliver Awards. Mary Poppins was one of the most successful of a long line of Disney musicals, enjoying enduring and widespread popular acclaim. Mary Poppins has over the years become iconic, as her prissy and tight-lipped title character ironically liberates the children trapped in a stultifying Edwardian England home. There are a number of unforgettable song-and-dance sequences that stand the test of time, and shall be very successfully translated into a theatrical performance. The play was a mixture of live action and animation as well as its memorable songs made it a thoroughly entertaining movie.  The story is meant for old and young alike sending out a strong message to the spectators A magical, musical nanny brings a breath of fresh air into the stuffy Banks household in turn-of-the-century England. The children face surprises of their own: Mary possesses a bottom less carpet bag, and makes contents of the children's nursery come to life and tidy themselves. The magic continues with a countryside outing via one of Bert's chalk pavement drawings, and a tea-party in midair with Mary's "Uncle Albert", who floats uncontrollably whenever he laughs. Overstuffed with gaiety, this children's fantasy is filled to the brim with wonderful dance numbers as they are taken into a journey of playful worlds and eccentric characters, eventually showing them and their cold-hearted father the power of love over money. The play will be regularly staged till 10th of June.