LAHORE - Deputy Speaker, Punjab Assembly, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has said that ouster of General (r) Pervez Musharraf from power is a must for political stability as well as to address the problem being faced by the masses. The dictators had caused irreparable loss to the country and it was a high time to check their way to power for good by making Musharraf an example under Article 6 of the constitution, he said this while taking to The Nation here Friday. Rana Mashhood said that the masses had given their verdict against Pervez Musharraf on February 18 last and respecting the public mandate the Pakistan Muslim League-N was out to rid the country of dictatorship, he said. He said that people were not ready to give any more relief to President Pervez Musharraf after he had made their life so miserable through his misdirected policies. Rana Mashhood also fell hard on the American intervention in the internal affairs of the country and said that the US supported and helped Musharraf's stay in power in its own interest but the situation now had changed after February 18 verdict against Musharraf and the US must understand this fact, he stressed. As to the US reservations on peace pacts with the people in the tribal areas, he said, "We cannot kill our own people only to please and serve interest of a superpower. We are not in favour of terrorism but we cannot also kill innocent persons in Wana or Wazirastan only for the reason US wants it in its own interest." He said that peace pacts were not with the terrorist but those who wanted to see peace in the area. To a question about Pakistan Muslim League-Q, the deputy speaker said that the PML-Q which supported Musharraf and his policies throughout, had now been politically eliminated and remained like an 'orphan child.' He said that it was a pity on the part of this party that despite a very loud call from the people against Pervez Musharraf it continued to support him disregarding the fact what havoc the latter had played with the nation. To a question of any possibility of PML-Q becoming a part of the government, he said that his party had a point of view on this count however they could not dictate any other party in this respect. He said that the PML-N won the elections on the slogan of peace, justice and employment for the achievement of which, it was striving hard despite serious problems created over the last eight years. He said over the last eight years, national assets and resources were ruthlessly looted. In the name of the war of terror, billions of dollars were received but nothing was spent on the people, he said adding, despite all that the Punjab government was alive to the situation and determined to deliver the good to the masses. Rana Mashhood said in next three months the masses would begin to receive substantial relief. He said that the government had an ambitious plan to improve the provincial economy with special focus on industrialisation and agricultural growth. He said that the provincial government was much concerned at the power shortage and to meet the power deficiency at the provincial level, it had found 47 sites for generation of hydel power besides 11 sites for generating electricity through wind. He said that it was in addition to the four power plants on which the work had been started and it was hoped that within three months the province would be self-sufficient in the power sector. On arresting price hike and law and order situation, he said for controlling law and order the home department and the police had been given strict instructions. As to the price and wheat crisis, he said that the government had procured wheat to meet its annual needs and there was no likelihood that the province would face wheat shortage throughout the year. In order to control prices of other things, the deputy speaker said, for that purpose the government was considering revival of the old system which involving the DCOs regulated the prices through committees. He said that the role of the middlemen as well as settybazi was being eliminated in the provision of essential items so that they reached the consumers at a reasonable price. To a question on the working relations with coalition partner PPP, he said that it was excellent as both the parties were working in coordination of each other.