ISLAMABAD - Co-Chairman Pakistan People's Party Asif Ali Zardari Friday said that government had sent a formal request to United Nations for probe into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Addressing a press conference with the Secretary General of Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee Luis Ayala on conclusion of daylong conference here at a local hotel, Asif Ali Zardari said that PPP had always believed in dialogue and wanted settlement of all disputes through negotiations. Federal Minister for Information Sherry Rehman and other party ministers and leaders were also present on the occasion. Zardari said that Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi would himself go to United Nations to get the final approval of probe by the world body. He thanked the Socialist International Asia-Pacific chapter for extending support to PPP's demand of UN probe into the assassination of Benazir to unearth the real characters behind her murder. Answering a question Zardari said that President Musharraf would be sent packing the day people of Pakistan and Parliament would desire so but quickly added that PPP wanted to resolve all issues through dialogue as it considered it a best solution of the disputes. He sidetracked the questions on his differences with the President Musharraf or whether he had advised President Musharraf to step down before June 10 or not, and simply said that PPP had always followed the course of dialogue for achieving its political ends. He expressed his resolve that again the PPP would march on road of democracy through dialogue. "Dialogue is the best option to resolve the conflicts. Our leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had secured an independent country through dialogue," the Co-Chairman added. Zardari said that PPP would follow the guidelines set by Benazir and was committed to move forward towards the destination of complete democracy through dialogue. To a question about the constitutional package, Zardari said that the draft of constitutional package was almost complete and in a day or so they would discuss it with Mian Nawaz Sharif and after getting approval from him it would be discussed with the other coalition partners and then be placed before the media for a final debate and after that the same would be tabled before the Parliament for approval. When asked if it would be tabled before the Parliament in the upcoming National Assembly Session, Zardari said that he didn't believe in deadlines and countdowns and when the draft would go through the mills, it would be tabled before the Parliament. He further said that PML-N was main coalition partners and their alliance had passed through many thick and thin, adding that he had great regard for the political struggle of PML-N. "You (media) have freedom of expression but politics is our profession, let us do it, we will not disappoint the nation and come up to their expectations by strengthening democracy," he added. When asked about the long march of lawyers headed by Aitzaz Ahsan, he said PPP would welcome the march in Islamabad as it believed in democracy and wanted to maintain democratic norms. He said a delegation was being sent to the Untied States to convince the US administration to support Pakistan overcome its food crisis through supply of wheat free of cost. Zardari said economic and internal crises may give non-democratic forces an opportunity to take over adding, "But it does not mean that we are unable to handle the crises." PPP government had resolved the crisis through comprehensive strategies in the past as well and would do the same in future, he added. He said that the PPP government was fully aware of the hardships which the masses were facing because of the food inflation and high oil prices and assured that, despite the economic pressures, the upcoming budget would be poor and business friendly. To introduce targeted subsidies, he said, a card-based system was being introduced. The card named "Benazir Card' would be given to the poorest of the poor and some seven million people would benefit from the facility with a monthly relief of Rs 1,500 or Rs 2,000. Referring to the democratic struggles going on in the world, PPP Co-Chairman said quite recently the parliament in Nepal had voted to put an end to monarchy that had been the predominant system there for the last 239 years. He said he also had a vision to bring a change in the system through the Parliament and eulogised the struggle and sacrifices of the Burma's opposition leader Aung San Sui Kyi for the democratic rights of the people of Burma. He announced that a delegation of PPP and the government of Pakistan would travel to Burma to express solidarity with her, adding that the government would use all available diplomatic means to help her. He reminded that Ms Sui Kyi's children had been kept away from their mother for the last five years and demanded that she should be allowed to see her children. On the occasion, Luis Ayala said that gradually it was being realised all over the world that governments had to be socially responsible and those who failed to understand had lost elections in a number of countries. He thanked people of Pakistan for hosting the Asia Pacific Committee Meeting and said that sharing of experience helped to understand one another, adding, "Those who believe in social democracy need to support one another so that responsible governance can be strengthened all across the world".