LAHORE-PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has expressed reservations over an inordinate delay regarding decision of his eligibility to contest by-elections. 'Delay is an open day light fraud aimed at stopping me to contest the by-polls', he added He also announced that PML-N would not field candidates against the PPP in Provincial and National Assembly seats. He expressed these views while talking to mediamen before departure to Raiwind after holding of CEC as well as Federal and Punjab joint Parliamentary board meeting held at his residence in Model Town here on Friday. The CEC and members of the Parliamentary Committees expressed full confidence over the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz said that President Musharraf was himself involved in conspiracy to get his nomination papers rejected. He said that as long as Musharraf occupied President House, conspiracy against democracy would continue. Regarding the comments that impeachment of President Musharraf was demand of one person, he said that it was not demand of one person or PML-N but the demand of every voter who gave mandate to PPP to rule the country. Nawaz said that the days of Musharraf as President are numbered and people would soon celebrate 'Day of Freedom' after getting rid of him. Musharraf was also a hurdle in the way of the restoration of deposed judiciary, he added. He also said that the reinstatement of judiciary is need of the hour  and for the survival of the country. He said that an independent judiciary was the key to the solution to all the problems. He said that all the meetings being held between the President and senior govt officials were just a 'farewell' sessions and nothing else.  But, he said that PML (N) was not in favour of ensuring 'safe exit' to Musharraf. He said that the supporters like US has realised that supporting Musharraf alone was a mistake. Responding to a question, he said that the purpose of the party CEC meeting was to discuss the ongoing political scenario and especially the restoration of the deposed judiciary and end of Musharraf chapter that according to him is about to end very soon. Gone are the days of military ruler and democracy will be strengthened now, he said. Nawaz said that PML-N will remain the part of the coalition in Centre but rejoining Cabinet will be discussed after the reinstatement of the deposed judiciary. He said that PML-N will not accept any minus-one or minus-two formula. When asked about the proposed amendments through the 'Constitutional Package' to be presented in the House, he said that without reading the package he cannot comment on it. Let the package be discussed with party men then the party will give its opinion, he said. Nawaz said that he himself fail to understand that why the Sharif brothers have become a serious threat to Musharraf but the reality is that Musharraf has become un-popular because of his bad governance. Replying to another question, he said that two-thirds majority to impeach President is not the issue as the present govt can show more then two-thirds not only in the National Assembly but also in Senate as there must be number of silent anti-Musharraf voters that would play their role at the time when needed. Meanwhile, the sources revealed that that the CEC discussed joining of former Punjab Chief Minister Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo in the PPP. 'PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif assured the party leaders that neither Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo nor the Punjab Governor could work as chum of President as both the main stream political forces know the consequences of the failure of this coalition govt', the sourced added. The PML (N) also issued the final list of the candidates for the by-polls.