Haji Sultan Khan asked many times whether any one from Sharif clan is coming to condole with him on the brutal assassination of his son Tariq Khan, Sindh vice president of PML (Nawaz). He was eagerly waiting for them. Both Nawaz and Shahbaz failed to arrive despite shock wave across the country over young activist's killing. Instead Sharifs sent their son -in-law retired captain Safdar, who offered the excuse of non-clearance of security from Sindh government for Sharif Brothers. His excuse proved false within minutes after Sindh minister of information Shazia Marri dubbed it as wrong and declared Sindh issued no such non-clearance, Sharifs are welcome any time, there is no bar. This episode clearly shows how much Sindh occupies significance in their scheme of things. Perhaps none, right now. This apathy forced leaders and workers to complain of being grossly ignored by PML-N top leadership. For common workers it was more agonising to see Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah condoling with grieved father with his army of PPP men while Punjab chief minister, a PML-N man opted to stay away. This policy is hard to digest. Supporters of Model Town offer various reasons for this brazen apathy; some consider judges issue as paramount for Mian Sahib who wants to punish his detractors quick and refuses to accept other pressing issues. ' This is not his headache,' warned a sobbing leader and asked, ' how long we will keep receiving and burying bodies of our workers. This must stop now.' A top Sindh leader was so disgusted with the leadership 's attitude he showed me his gun and declared, 'for the first time in my life, I am keeping a gun to protect myself. I know my safety is nobody's problem. I have to sort it out. I am doing it on my own.' This feeling is not confined to leaders alone lay workers are feeling similar pain and anguish and they are very angry about it. Is this anger has something to do with the polls result? Never. There is no denying the fact Mian Nawaz Sharif has sizeable following in Sindh; he is still not unpopular. But the way he is running his political show, he is marganalizing his party in Sindh and Balochistan, where sympathy for dismissed judges is not in abundance. So largely Mian's game is get his booty with the help of judges. Punjab, where PML-N rules has accorded full protocol to former chief justice while Sindh welcomed present chief justice with a rally of more than 300 vehicles. It is obvious Sindh is not expected to go along with Punjab over thorny judge's issue. In Sindh, the anxiety and enthusiasm for judges is not being considered based on principles only and people finding political undertones in them. Sadly, in events like murder of a top activist provide an ample opportunity for Sharifs to show solidarity with their workers and leaders and offer solace to them at the right moment. They failed in this task miserably. Mere issuance of statements is not sufficient to satisfy an army of supporters who look baffled and in total disarray. I went to Jinnah Hospital immediately after the body of slain leader was carried to emergency ward. I saw a large crowd of angry youngsters weeping and crying and vowing to take revenge. Some even fired gun shots in the air to give vent to their feelings. Indeed, some leaders tried to reason with them and possibility of an ugly situation was averted. Some emotional fellows raised slogans against some parties but they refrain from talking law into their own hands, a common recent feature in the metropolis. Unfortunately top leader Khawaja Asif was in town but he opted to stay away from the funeral of Tariq Khan. When I went to attend the 'soyem' of slain leader, frankly I was sure to find an army of top national leaders of the PML-N. I was disappointed though but I was surprised to see some leaders of PML-Q including Ghous Bux Mahar, Bostan Ali Hoti and Sunni leader Shahid Qadri and JUP's Tariq Mahboob. Pir Sabir Shah made it a point to come down to Karachi from Peshawar to offer his condolence to Pakhtoon family of the deceased. A team of MQM leaders condoled with Sultan Khan and his ten sons while Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Sindh chief minister came with Rashid Rabbani and Waqar Mehdi. The city police made elaborate arrangement to ensure security at the residence of TK. His death will perhaps go down as blind case in police records. There is a long list of those who were assassinated in Karachi and there is still no clue of their wanton killers. It included Haji Hanif Blue, Munawar Suharwardy, Abdullah Murad, Khalid Bin Walid and others. The PPP, MQM, ANP, JI and PML-N lost many workers in senseless wave of murders. Strangely, PML-N has scant representation in Sindh chiefly Karachi but many of its workers were killed. Among top leaders only brave Jawed Hashmi deserves credit for visiting homes of slain workers abandoned by Sharifs. He is immensely popular among political workers who wait and pray for his visits. Surprisingly all those who opted to stay home after the murder of TK suddenly emerged on 'Takbir Day'. They gathered at PML House and paid rich tribute to A.Q.Khan, some even took the pain of coming all the way from Hala and Hyderabad. It is obvious leaders have their own priorities; some were sure to get positions in the federal cabinet while some were hoping to be accommodated possibly in Sindh and surely in Punjab. They were grossly disappointed as Sharifs refused to accommodate positions hungry fellows including some overseas guys as well. The thing that baffles political observers is that Nawaz Sharif has not lost popularity in Sindh mainly because he was not terribly popular here. But broadly he had a positive image that he was a gentleman who believed in the rule of law. True his party fared badly in recent elections yet people generally never blame him for that poor and less than satisfactory performance of PML-N in Sindh. His supporters resigned to their fate hoping some day Nawaz Sharif will turn the tide and make Sindh his political fortress. These fellows, young and old see no light at the end of the tunnel. They were waiting for Mian Sahib at the graveyard where they buried young and energetic Tariq Khan. He never turned up, instead his son in law offered the lame excuse that was more painful than Mian's absence. Some close men of Sharifs in Lahore are bent upon making Sindh political graveyard of PML-N. Perhaps they will ultimately succeed. This is politics.