KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party has supported the political parties stance that President Pervez Musharraf should be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution as he was responsible for the current crises in the country. PPP central leader MNA Yousaf Talpur said this while talking to The Nation on Friday. PPP leader opined that time has come that Musharraf should resign honourably and PPP-led government should put him on trial which is demand of the people of the country. He said that every Pakistani knows that he had captured power through guns and destroyed all institutions in the country for his personal gains rather than in the interest of the country. PPP central leader said that in 18th February elections, the people had given clear mandate against the military dictator. He added that it is a new Pakistan and time has gone when people's voice was suppressed with power of the gun and they could be deprived of their fundamental rights. He lauded the statrment of PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari that President Musharraf should resign before 10th June or face impeachment. PPP lawmaker said that Musharraf has not only lost support in the army but his American friends are also divided and majority of them wants him to quit the presidency. Talpur said that it is golden opportunity for the democratic forces to try the military dictator to set an example so that no one could dare in future to abrogate the constitution and impose his will on the people of the country. PPP lawmaker, who is a close aide of PPP vice President Makhdooam Amin Faheem, further said that government inherited countless and grave problems due to the disastrous policies of Musharraf. He said that people are too much aware now and it is impossible for the illegal and unconstitutional president to remain in power. He added that no party supported a military dictator who not only destroyed national institutions but also played dirty tricks to weaken the political parties.