Climate change!

Climate change has been a burning and ignored issue. As the world is pulling harder in the means of Information technology on other hand we are losing nature and this globe is getting unusual day by day. There are countless means that are disturbing the climate and due to that life on earth is striving hard to strive.

Japan, Philippines, Germany, Madagascar, India, Srilanka and Kenya are the most affected countries in the world by climate change respectively.

With reference to the recent German report on the long-term global climate risk index presented, Pakistan stands at the 8th position of the most affected countries of the world by climate change but this time Pakistan has also suffered much and for the first time in Pakistan, 50+ temperature has been recorded that is quite threatening. Jacobabad (a city in Sindh) has remained the hottest city in the world this time.

The major factors that affect the climate are industries, transportation and deforestation. Since the industrial revolution, human beings by their industrial activities have produced carbon dioxide in larger amounts.

There is a large number of industries, especially in Pakistan but there aren’t the proper means of dealing with the carbon dioxide and it affects the ozone layer due to the temperature rises up.

Carbon dioxide would have been absorbed by plants and trees and oxygen is produced but due to deforestation at a larger scale, this cycle has been affected carbon dioxide isn’t absorbed and less oxygen is being produced that’s quit alarming for the globe.

The world needs to take this matter seriously and must take an active part in the mission against climate change by planting more and more trees. On other hand to reduce carbon dioxide technology must come up and invent means of transportation which is not dependent on carbon dioxide.



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