LAHORE - Late Jamil Ahmed widely known as Jimmy in tennis playing circles was a consummate, masterly and proficient tennis player of the seventies and early eighties. He had a fulfilling time on the national tennis arenas and attainments included six national titles, a bolstering appearance in the Wimbledon as a 16-year-old, a fortifying representation in Davis Cup encounters and upholding the national flag in the Asian Games 1978.

Otherwise in good physical trim and commendatory health, his sudden demise on May 18 grieved many hearts encompassing his adored and treasured ones like his only daughter Misha Ahmed, his tennis playing Khala, Zuleikha Nisar and a sizeable number of tennis playing mates all over Pakistan and esteemed comrades at Lahore Gymkhana Tennis Courts where he would consume most of his time giving coaching to young ones and free technical tips to enthusiastic seniors that served as flattering game playing stimulants and enhanced shot control accuracy.

The Lahore Gymkhana Tennis playing benefactors, counterparts, intimate playmates and companions assembled at the tennis courts in his remembrance and offered Dua-e-Maghfirat for Jimmy. Prominent admirers and adherents were his daughter Misha Ahmed, his tennis playing Khala Zulekha Nisar, a ladies tennis champion of the sixties, current national champion Aqeel Khan, Shahzad Khan, Haseeb Aslam and tennis great and coach Rashid Malik, who is focused on juniors development.

Also present was the reputable ones of Gymkhana tennis arena, Khawaja Tariq Rahim, bountiful patrons of tennis, Shahid Hussain, Omar Saeed and Arif Saeed (Servis Group), tennis office bearers, Wajid Aziz Khan, Convenor, Azim Tiwana, Captain, Waqar Nisar, Secretary and a prodigious number of avid and fervent tennis playing members, who seek health, happiness and joviality through association with the game of tennis.

On this occasion, Zuleikha Nisar shared that Jimmy felt an intense urge to become a champion as a 9-year-old when he saw his late mother Parveen Sheikh and multiple times ladies champion of the sixties, practicing on the tennis courts for hours and hours. This urge triggered and inspired in him a sensibility for accomplishment and at the age of 15, he was an intimidating and formidable tennis player of the country. Secretary Waqar Nisar shared that a tennis memorial event will be held in his honor in September or October this year, once the weather becomes endurable.