| We will have another strategy if SC doesn’t

give us protection, warns PTI chief


PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ( PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said Monday that the role of  judiciary and legal fraternity is very important in protecting the country by upholding the rule of law.

Addressing the lawyers’ convention here he said that if they did not resist foreign intervention and corrupt rulers imposed on them than coming generations would not forgive them. He said that it was the responsibility of judiciary and lawyers to stand for the rule of law in the country.

The former prime minister also said that his PTI party had filed petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to seek its ruling on holding peaceful demonstration in the country. “If they (SC) don’t give us protection, today I stand here in front of you and say that I will have another strategy.”

Under this strategy, Imran further said that the PTI would make a plan for dealing with the obstacles.

He went on to say, “We weren’t prepared (earlier) (and) we were stuck unprepared. This time we will be prepared,” he said, declaring that this was a jihad for him. “I will not accept this imported government at any cost.” He said that the country was going through a defining moment in which roles of judges and lawyers were of paramount importance in defending the country. He said that no country could progress without upholding rule of law and equal justice for all people irrespective of their position in the society.

He said that all economic indicators were positive with record remittance, tax collection, record agriculture yield, exports all time high when PTI government was removed through foreign interference.

He said that PTI government had made it clear to foreign powers that they wanted friendship with all countries but would not accept slavery at any cost. Imran Khan said that international community also recognised Pakistani government’s efforts to tackle with Coronavirus crisis.

Imran Khan said that his first responsibility was to protect his own countrymen. He said he did not want strain relations with anybody but slavery was not acceptable to him and his party. He said that past coward rulers had allowed drone attacks which was the violation of human rights on Pakistani soil in which hundreds of innocent people including children and women were killed.

He wanted the legal fraternity to stand with him in struggle for “ Haqiqi Azadi”. He said that during his visit to Russia, PTI government discussed import of fuel and wheat at subsidized rate to give relief to its people by pursuing independent foreign policy. Imran Khan said that criminal cases would be registered against all those responsible for violence against peaceful protestors coming for long march to Islamabad.

Meanwhile, during an interview late Monday Imran Khan claimed that he was a 100% sure that there could be firing at the long march. “I saw that people on our side also had pistols etc,” h told a private news channel. Earlier the interior minister had stated that they had intelligence reports that PTI workers would bring weapons along with them during the protest march.